Monday, April 21, 2014

In Her Lover's Eyes

I walk into the club feeling the bass going through my body. I was ready to grab a drink from the bar and hit the dance floor. None of the girls could meet up tonight because the babysitters cancel but tonight was the only night I could get away Lane was at home watching the kids or supposed to anyways.

I walk up to the bar and wait for the bartender. I notice there were two of them one was tall, skinny but tone not really my type but I would totally do him. The other bartender was so my type. Just looking at his backside made my panties wet. He was a few inches taller than the other guy.  You could tell he was very built by his back in nice shape ass, tone with a small curve. Nice ripple of muscles in the back until he turn around and OMG was he very muscular in the front with the tight ass shirt he had on. You can literally see his 6 pack.

“What can I get ya?” The guy with the 6 pack said.

“I want Sex on the Beach and a Leg Spreader, please.” I told him.

“$13 Please.”  He said. I hand him a $20. He walks away to the cash register with my change. I smile at him then quickly drank my Sex on the Beach.

“Here’s your change.” He said. I shook my head at him.

“Keep the change as your tip for being too damn hot, sexy and (pointing my finger at him to come closer) making me want you.” I said as I got up from the bar with my drink and walk away.

“Who was the sexy thing?” Joe ask me ask I watch her walk away.

“Fuck I don’t know but she just told me to keep the change as my tip for being too damn hot, sexy and making her wants me. I mean what female says that.” I look at Joe over my shoulder as I’m serving other customers

“I don’t Mike but I’ll tell you one thing when you go on break in like 20 go find her and take her.” He said chuckling. I had to agree what she said made my cock rock hard. I was definitely going to find her later.

As I was dancing on floor with some girls I knew from way back when having a good time when I felt that feeling someone was watching me. I start glancing around and found the suspect right away. I knew right away why he was here it was time to play his game which I was ready for.

“Hey little tease, you want to talk for a minute?” The bartender asks me. I nod my head as he grabs
my hand and lead the way. Before I got too far I lock eyes with the guy who has been watching me. He nods his head for me to go ahead to let me know the game was on. This made me very happy because this beautiful man was definitely a man I want for this game.

He lead me into a stock room towards the back where it looks to be used for sole purpose of fucking which pleases me because he wants what I want.

“I’m Mike and I want you to know I’m going to fuck you hard. The thing you said to me affected me in the worst way and now you are going to take care of it.” He said pulling my skirt up and pulling down my panties which I was unbuckling his pants and pulling his briefs and pants down as well.
I glance over the boxes and see the guy watching the scene unfold in front of him. He nods yes to proceed. I want to so rough and I want going to tell Mike I want it that away too.

“Mike, I’m Sydney and I need to tell you I want it hard, rough and against the wall. Now I want you to fuck me NOW DAMN IT!!” I tell him as I raise my voice a little louder each time. He rolls on the condom and picks me up he looks me in the eye and smiles.

“Good because that’s what I’m going to give you.” He smiles and he slams my back into the wall and I moan so loud when he did it. I then felt his huge ass cock stretch my throbbing pussy.

“Fuck you are so tight.” He groans in my ears. He doesn’t even give me time to adjust he pounds into my pussy hard and fast. His hand comes up to my neck and slightly starts choking me. Causes me to cum so hard I find my stalker. I could tell he was stroking his cock.

“Fuck I’m cuming.” Mike said as I felt the twitch of his cock. He then pulled out of me. Look at me and smiles. He pulls up his briefs and pants and then kisses me on the cheek.

“That was fucking great. Thank you. There are some wipes over there. You can clean up and just walk out won’t no one pay attention.” Mike says as he walks out of the stock room.
Once Mike leaves my stalker walks over to me while I’m cleaning up. He grabs a hold of me and kisses me hard.

“Let’s go home Sydney because that made me fucking hard and want you even more.” My husband says to me. I couldn’t help but smile because I made his fantasy come true.

Night Filled with Fun II

I don’t know how in the hell we managed to get all the men to the vehicles but we did. I guess you can say never doubt a woman’s strength. Not really it took about three of us to get each man into a car home with their wives or a cab home. I seriously thought about leaving Seth in the car to sleep but I would manage to get him out some how. After telling everyone bye and telling Jessica to call me in the morning for our girls night our plans. She said alright we both we our separate way.
I got Seth home FINALLY!! I swear he’s the worst drunk but a funny drunk. He had me laughing all the way home with singing, dancing and just acting a fool. He manage to some what help me to get inside and strip him down and put in bed.
“Come mere waby and get wakey with me.” Seth said
“Honey you are wasted. Go to sleep.” I told him laughing
“But I reed swex.” He mumble as he drifted off to sleep. I went to check on the kids and they were done sound a sleep.  I went to find Natalie so I could take her home. I found her in the kitchen doing dishes.
“Hey honey, how were the kids tonight?” I asked Natalie.
“Oh hey, they were great. We are an awesome time. I think I wore them out tonight. I’ll just finish these up and I’m ready to go.” Natalie said.
“Nat you can leave those and we can go ahead and take you home I know you must be tired.” I told her
“Yeah I am. Those kids have some energy.” She laughed as she grabbed her bag and I grabbed the keys and left a note on the counter just in case Seth got up to let him know I left to take Natalie home.
On our way to her house we made some chit chat about her school and sports. As we pulled in to her house I pulled out $30 to pay her. I told her I will call her again soon and have a good weekend. I watch her as she walked in the house. Once I knew she was alright I backed out of the drive way and headed back home. Once I made it back I checked on the kids and they were still sound asleep. I pulled the covers over them and gave them kisses on their cheeks and made my way to my bed.
Once I got into my bedroom I had a wonderful view of a full moon. I wonder why in the hell did he stripped down to nothing. I walk to his side of the bed to make sure he was still breathing. He had drool all over his pillow and still coming out of his mouth. I thought to myself he is soooo washing the sheets tomorrow. I went to the bathroom washed my face and handle all my business and made my way to bed. As I closed my eyes I couldn’t help but think of Jessica and what she would do to me. I got so wet thinking about I was trying to figure out if I wanted to bring myself to climax or brink of frustration. I chose the later because I wanted to give her all of me.
I woke up to giggling at first I thought I was dreaming it. I peeked open an eye and saw the kids drawing on Seth. I couldn’t contain my giggles either. Seth started to wake up and glanced around and saw the kids in front of his laughing and then heard me.
“Please tell me they didn’t.” Seth said in a groan.
“Oh babe, they did BIG TIME!! Oh by the way you are sooo washing the sheets.” I tell him laughing.
“Well shiiii…crap. Daddy is getting in the shower.” He said as he started to get up but they I remember he was naked last night and I don’t want our kids to have nightmares. So I grabbed him and kissed him hard and whispered “Honey you are naked under those blankets and we have innocents in here.” He groaned.
“Come on kids let’s get some breakfast while daddy showers and get all the stuff off of him.” I said giggling at him as I ushered the kids out giving him a wink. He smile back and mouthed sorry. I knew it was for passing out. Little did he know what my night will include.
I was getting the kids clothes packed for their grandparents’ house. Seth walked in Corey following behind him.
“Hey Alexis, how are you?” Corey asked.
“I’m good. How are you? Are you recovering from a hangover?” I asked with a smile knowing how wasted they were.
“Nope but I was wondering how in the hell did you and Jessica get us in the cars last night though.” He ask.
“Did she tell you?” I ask and he laughed while shaking his head no.
“She said that was not my concern if I was too wasted to take care of her then it she’ll keep it a secret how she got me in the car and home.” He said
“Well then I’ll honor that secret.” I smiled back at him real big.
“Women, I should have know better.” Seth said laughing.
“You girls still going out tonight.” Seth ask me.
“That I’m aware of yes. I haven’t talked to Jessica today.” I told him while I put the last couple things in the backpack.
“Well that’s one reason why I’m here. Jessica wanted me to come here and hang out do our man thang as she said and for you to get your stuff and get ready at our place.” Corey told me.
“Alright. Seth’s mom is suppose to pick up the kids in 15 minutes. So that gives me enough time to pack my stuff.” I tell Seth handing him the bag and walking towards our room.
Once I got to our room I heard my phone beep. I went to see what I had missed and I saw a text from Jessica.
Jessica: Bring a short skirt and a shirt that shows cleavage and something that has heels. I’m ready to get my tongue wet. ;)
Alexis: I’ll get this pack any other request?
Jessica: Nope just be ready for tonight
I quickly got my bag ready. I knew I wouldn’t need much. Jessica always like to do my hair and makeup when we go out. So I figure she would do the same thing tonight. As I gathered everything I heard the doorbell. I was getting more anxious as time slowly went by. I gave the kids love and told them to be good for grandma and grandpa. They were too excited to return the love to daddy or me. As soon as I saw the car leave the driveway I quickly told Corey and Seth to have fun tonight and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do while giving Seth a kiss goodbye. I quickly pulled out my phone on the way to the car.
Alexis: I’m on my way
Jessica: Sweet. See you soon :)
As we walked into the club I was surprised she brought me to a strip club but hell right now I’m down with whatever.
“So tell why are we here?” I ask her as I followed her to a table.
“We are here for three reasons. One to get drunk and two to get lap dances and the best reason of all to have some damn fun!!” She hollered. We sat at the table and our waitress took our order. We watched several girls do their dances.
“Watch the girls and pick out your favorite so we can pull them for a lap dance in a little bit. Then we are going to go back to my house and we are going to fuck hard.” Jessica told me with a wink.
As I glanced around I saw some girls that peeked my interest but nothing that really PEEKED it. Jessica done had her girl and had talked to her and told her that she was waiting for me to chose mine so we could be in the same room together. The girl agreed and just to let her know when she was ready. I heard the DJ announce the next stripper Vibrant. DJ started playing Kat Deluna Drop it Low and I was already moving and I was in awe with her moves.
“I think you found the girl, didn’t you?” Jessica asks me
“Fuck yeah I did.” I laughed
“Alright. I’ll tell Lily that you want Vibrant after she’s done and we’ll go wait for them in the private room, that sound good?” She asks.
“Yeah that sounds good. Bring back a couple shots of tequila.” I tell Jessica on her way to the bar. I keep on watching Vibrant and she has spark about her and she’s turning me on more than I already am. I wonder what would happen when we are all in a room.  She’s a few inches taller than my 5 ft. She has short jet black hair with vibrant red highlights. She has nice full C cup I would guess. She’s curvy and yummy. She isn’t skanky looking either like the rest them either that I have notice.
“It’s all set. Drink this real fast and let’s head back.” Jessica said as she passed me my shot. I threw the shot back. I notice Vibrant was smiling at me and I had just enough courage to wink at her and I left the table to wait for her arrival.
“Are you nervous Jess?” I ask her
“Not really, I got enough liquid courage. How about you Lex?” She returns the question.
“Same here.” I tell her and we continue our some chit chat.
The knock on the door made us jump and I big, bald guy walks in.
“I’m checking the room to make sure it’s only two of you and no more. I’ll be on the outside of this door. Vibrant and Lily will give you the instruction on what to do and what not to do. If there are any problems I will be escorting you out and you will not be returning. Do you understand that?” He said
“We do.” We both said at the same time
“Good, Enjoy ladies.” He said as he walked out and held the door open and walks in Vibrant and Lily.
“Lily and I talked and we both agreed that we don’t want any rules for you ladies. So anything can go. You can touch us and we can touch you. We normally don’t do that, but we do agree something in you both has us interested. Our one rule is we will tell you when to touch us and we can take off your clothes. Once we give you the go ahead then it’s fair game anything goes and I mean anything.” Vibrant said as she walk to the dock station and starts the music.
As the music plays Lily is already rolling her hips teasing Jessica. I saw her eyes were hypnotized by Lily. I smirk at Jessica without her knowing and I turn to Vibrant and gave her my full attention.
“I’m glad I have your attention now sweetness.” Vibrant said.
“Sorry, making sure my girl was good.” I told her.
“Your girl will be taken care of. It’s time for me to take care of beautiful Alexis.” She told me as she bent down and lightly kiss me behind my ear. She gave my goosebumps.
“I’m glad I have an affect on you and I can’t wait to taste you and then I will watch you and your friend fuck each other.” She whispered as she started to dance.
Vibrant grinded her body against mine making wetter than I was before I came into the strip club. I heard fuck from across the room. So I knew something was going on but I didn’t care. I locked eyes with the woman in front of me for now.
“You want to see my tits Alexis?” She asked. I couldn’t answer her so I just nodded my head. She slowly stripped out of her see-through pink bra she had on while massaging and pinching her nipples. I couldn’t help let out a low moan.
“You like that don’t you.” I nod again and she stopped dancing and pulled out my more than handful tits out of my lavender tube top shirt. She bent down and kissed below my jaw and lightly caress my nipples.  I couldn’t help but let out a louder moan. I heard more moans and vocals coming from Jessica and Lily but I didn’t care to pay attention right now.
“Play with your nipples while I dance.” Vibrant told me. I smiled at her and placed my hand on my tits and slid down on the couch while the black skirt rode up on my thighs. I felt the cool air on my bare pussy. I decided to be bold and not wear any panties tonight and I’m glad I did. I was already dripping and I wanted to show Vibrant I was bare and wet. She had her back to me grinding her pussy on the pole while she was playing with her tits. I was in awe with her movements and steadily pinching and twisting my own handfuls.
“I see someone is wet and ready.” She tells me as she teases me stripping her thong off.
“I’m very wet. Do you want to do something about it?” I ask her while I’m moving my hands further down.
“Oh I definitely will do something about it.” She said as she get on her hands and knees and crawl to me slowly. Once she gets in front of me her hands goes to my knees and she slowly pushes them open. She leans down and pushes my skirt all the way up.
“I’m going to make you come then your friend will fuck you.” She said then dives right into my soaking wet hole. I throw my head back and let out a “oh fuck” and put my hands in her hair. I looked over as saw that Jessica was completely naked as well as Lily. Jessica’s eyes were locked on me and Lily was in between her legs enjoying tasting her sweet nectar. I couldn’t help but picture myself where Lily was tasting Jessica on my tongue. I could tell Jessica was thinking the same thing.  I was lost in my thoughts on her when Vibrant spoke I look at her.
“You thinking about her. I know you are. I can tell she’s thinking about you.” She said as she slide two fingers in me and I raised my hips to meet her. She kisses me on my lips and I meet that kiss hard. When she pulls back she can tell I’m about to come. I can hear Jessica telling Lily she is coming. Vibrant stops and pulls away from me. She pulls me up and slowly strips me down to nothing and then pushes me back to the couch.
“Lay down Alexis and spread your legs wide.” She told me and I did as she said. She laid down on her stomach between my legs and went back to my pussy. She was eating me out like she was starving. I went to put my hands back in her hair when someone put my arms down by my head. I looked up and saw it was Jessica. She smiled real big at me. I became anxious and nervous. She straddle my face but before she could lower herself all the way down. I started to come on Vibrant tongue.
“OH..FUCK…YES!!” I screamed while Jessica pinched my nipples hard causing me to push my hips in Vibrant’s mouth causing her to suck harder on my clit. I pull Jessica to my mouth hard and wrapped my arms around her waist so she couldn’t move. I latched on to her clit sucking it while my tongue was giving it enough pressure going back and forth. I was so involved in what I was doing I didn’t even notice that Vibrant had stop and moved. I had a new mouth on me and new moans I was hearing but I was so involved in the new taste in my mouth. I could tell it would be my new addiction. I pulled my mouth off her clit and I glance and see that Lily and Vibrant and in 69 just the same as Jessica and me. They are moaning loud and I notice the knob on the door turning and I tense. Jessica senses me and she stops and looks in the direction of the door. The door opens the big bald guy walks in and smiles real big. I knew that everything would be ok.
“Girls what is going on?” He said. I felt fingers go inside my wet pussy again and I let out a small grunt.
“Oh you know Eddie enjoying each other company. You want to stand against the door and watch?” Lily ask
“You know Lilycake I would never pass up an opportunity to watch a group of beautiful ladies enjoy each company.” He said as he leans again the door and unzips his jeans and pulls out his thick cock and slowly strokes it.
“You two go back to what you were doing.” He said with a nod. I look up to Jessica’s wet cunt in my face and I shove two fingers in her wet pussy and fuck her fast and I nibble and lick on her clit. She start grinding her hips on my face. I could tell she was getting closer. She latched on to my clit and licking and sucking on it like a Popsicle while she was adding another finger.  I was coming hard and I felt myself squirting and Jessica was coming all over my face. She got off of me and smiled. We didn’t realize Lily and Vibrant was done dressed ready to go back out and Eddie was cleaning himself up.
“That was really hot ladies. I hope you get some more action.” Eddie said as he lead the girls out.
We quickly got dressed and walked out of the club and called a taxi back to Jessica’s house. Once we got to her place. I looked at her and smiled.
“I have an idea. Let’s text our hubbys and tell them to come over because we are bored and give them a surprise of our own.” I tell her. She nods so we quickly text our husbands and they responds quickly that they are on their way. Little did they know what to expect when they find us.
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Night Filled with Fun I

I was cleaning the house and getting the dinner ready for the kids and the babysitter. Hubby and I had a get together tonight. I was excited it’s been awhile since we been out. He’s been working so hard and I’ve been so busy with the kids and all their activities and no time for us. Jill was having a co-ed Passion Party and hubs didn’t know about it. Jill said the men was going to do their own thing which was cool but when it came to ordering time he was going to help pick out some stuff. I was lost in my thoughts about what we would be doing later when I heard my phone ringing. I walk over to it and saw Jessica on the id.

“Hey girl, what’s up.” I ask her.

“Hey Alexis, are you still going to Jill’s party tonight?” She asked me.

“Yeah, Seth and I are. Are you and Corey going?” I ask her.

“Yeah we are. I was just making sure you are.” She said.

“I’m making dinner now for the Natalie and the kids and then we are going to start getting ready. We are going to go out to eat and then head to the party. Do you guys want to go out with us?” I ask her.

“I would say yes, but let me check with Corey. He hasn’t made it home from work yet. I’ll call him in a few and I’ll text you.”She told me.

“That’s fine. Just let me know and we are going to Outback.” I told her.
“That’s sound good. Alright I’ll let you go and talk to him. I’ll talk to you in a little bit. Bye.” She said as she hung up.

I went back to finishing dinner and making snacks for after dinner. Seth went to pick up Natalie and grab some movies and video games for the kids. I was to involve in my thoughts about tonight that I didn’t even hear Seth come up behind me. He kisses my neck and I jump shrieking.

“I’m sorry baby I didn’t mean to scare you.” Seth says laughing.

“Yeah yeah sure you did.” I said mocking him

“What were you thinking about?” He asks as he picks at the snacks for the kids.

“Just about tonight.” I tell him slapping his hand away from the food.

“So am I. I’m looking forward to seeing what new toys you decide to get so we can play with tonight.” He say as he rubs on me.

“Oh by the way I invited Jessica and Corey to join us for dinner before going to the passion party tonight.” I told Seth.

“That’s fine honey. I always enjoy their company. I’ll get the kids situated and why don’t you go ahead and start getting ready so we can head out.” Seth tells me.

 “Sure baby.” I tell him giving him a quick kiss. On my way to the bedroom I heard my phone chirp in my hand I quickly look and I saw it was Jessica say they will be joining us for dinner. I tell her great that I was about to start to get ready and I’ll see them in a couple hours.

“OH..MY..GOD..Alexis you look amazing in that outfit!!” Jessica praised as I blushed.

“Thank you. You look HOT girl.” I tell her and she does look hot.

“Thanks honey. How are the kids?” She asks.

“They are good. They are growing but no kid talk tonight.” I tell her smiling.

“We need to have a girl night soon.” Jessica tell me.

“Hey what a minute what about us men here?” Corey says. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“We could never forget about the men in the group Corey.” I tell him.

 “Why don’t you MEN get a group together and have a night out. Go the the strip club, play poker or whatever.” I tell Corey.

“Babe, you seriously would be ok with me going to the strip club?” Seth asks me.

“Of course, you can look but don’t touch and I’ll even let you tip.” I smile at him.

“Oh how sweet of you babe.” Seth says with a laugh. Our waiter comes to take our order. Our conversations were made light with work, and plans for tomorrow. We slowly ate our meals and then left and made our way to Jill’s for a night of fun of passion.

Once we got to Jill’s house there was already a lot of people there and some were already tipsy. I knew tonight was going to be fun and full of laughter. We knocked on the door and Heath answered and invited us in.

“Hey guys, the women are in the living room and the men are in the kitchen and outside. Do you want anything to drink?”He asks us.

“I’ll get it if you show me where to go.” Jessica says.

“Me too.” I tell him

“I’ll take a beer.” The men says.

So we make our way to the kitchen and Jessica and I make our drinks and head to the living and see the girls talking and having a good laugh. Jill gets up and introduce us to everyone. She says that she is waiting on a couple more people then the passion party will get on the way.

“Are the men coming in here during the passion party?” One of the girl asks.

“No they will come in here either during the toys or when we order. We’ll take a vote once everyone get here.” Jill tells everyone. So we continue our small talk and about fifteen minutes later the last few couples arrive. We left the decision up to the men because we could tell some of them were really embarrassed so we didn’t want to push them.

The party went on as we carried on trying the samples of lotions, oils, and candle wax. That was a must in my book but hubs didn’t know it yet. He was sampling it tonight.

“Do you have all of this with you or do we have to wait?” One of the girls ask.

 “No I play a huge order prior to this party just for Jill. So I should have everything in stock. My biggest hit I did buy multiples of and not so big I only bought one or two. So if I don’t have it I will give you a discount.” Sandy told us. She got a cheer from us.

“I’m going to select three ladies, I want you to follow me to the back and I give you instructions on what to do. Afterwards you will come back out here and explain your experience.” She tells us.

“Alexis, Jessica and Belinda please come follow me.” She tells us. We all three get up and follow her to the back. She stops in the bathroom.

 “This is called Pure Satisfaction. What you do is rub a little bit over your clit. You will get a warm and tingling feeling. That is normal. Belinda you can go first.” Sandy tells her and give her a little dab on her finger.

“I can go ahead and give you both a dab now since I done told Belinda what to do you two will do the same. When you are done come have a seat.” She says as she starts to walk off Belinda walks out flushed.

“OMG I’m so buying this!” She says as she walks off. We both look at each other and smile.

“You want to go in together so we can get out faster?” Jessica asks.

 “Sure why not.” I tell her as we both go in the bathroom. I pull my skirt up and push my panties to the side and rub the gel over my clit and I look up and notice Jessica is just staring at me.

“What? Am I doing it wrong?” I ask.

“No, you are making me horny.” She tells me.

“Oh I am. I didn’t know you were interested.” I tell her teasing. She walks over to me while I back up against the bathroom door still holding my skirt up. She kisses my neck. I notices her other hand that had the gel is in her panties no doubt on her clit now. Her other hand is now lightly touching my leg and making its way to my wet throbbing pussy. She moves my panties to the side and pushes two fingers in me. I gasp and moan and the same time.

"Can you tell now?” She says and then she kisses me hard as I’m grinding on her hand. I want to come but she stops.

"We have to go back out there and Seth can take care of you tonight but tomorrow night you are all mine.” She says as she gives me one more kiss. I’m left speechless as we walk out the bathroom door and back to the living.

We explain what we feel from the gel. So many women there love hearing about it and course it’s a big it. Now it’s time for the toys. Sandy gives us some time to grab some food and our husbands. I go check on Seth and he’s completely drunk and so is Corey. So I know I’m not getting lucky tonight. I leave Seth where he is. I go back to the party and finish out the night full of fun and laughter and most of all a bag full of toys with all the goods with a night of fun with Jessica. How did I know that a fantasy could become a reality.

© 2013 Elizabeth Meek All Rights Reserved